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Record Safari Motion Picture SoundTrack Standard Edition

Record Safari Motion Picture SoundTrack Standard Edition

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Buy at your local record store! Exclusively available on Record Store Day - October 24th, 2020.

Featured as an exclusive selection on Record Store Day 2020, the official motion picture soundtrack from “Record Safari” will take you on an audio adventure, selected by the vinyl addict and collector himself, Alex Rodriguez.

The fourteen-track standard black vinyl LP (Long Playing) features music from the “Record Safari” documentary. Artists include Deidre & The Dark, Atmosphere, Fiona Silver, High Waisted, The Postmarks, Chamber Strings, Bikini Kill, Lenny Kaye, and Atlantic Thrills. The soundtrack includes the original track “Can’t Believe You’re Mine” by Deidre & The Dark, exclusively available only on this amazing soundtrack.

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The Record Safari Standard Edition includes the following tracks:



1. Bikini Kill – This Is Not A Test (1:59)

2. Deidre & The Dark – Which Way (3:02)

3. High Waisted – Hey Hey (3:07)

4. Atmosphere – Camera Thief (4:46)

5. Fiona Silver – Here Comes The Fall (3:38)

6. Deidre & The Dark – Tell Me (3:29)

7. Lenny Kaye – Record Collector (3:34)


1. Fiona Silver – Housewife (4:09)

2. Atlantic Thrills – Day At The Beach (2:40)

3. Atmosphere – To All My Friends (3:17)

4. The Chamber Strings – Check Out Girls (3:38)

5. The Postmarks – You Drift Away (3:50)

6. *Deidre & The Dark – Can’t Believe You’re Mine (1:52)

7. Outro: “Thanks” (0:06)
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